An Apple Watch a Day: The Digital Disruption of Healthcare


13 Sep An Apple Watch a Day: The Digital Disruption of Healthcare

Healthcare sector at digital tipping point

The time has come for Australia’s healthcare practitioners and regulators to champion digital disruption. By reducing the inefficiencies of services duplication inherent in our healthcare system, innovation will help to combat Australia’s ballooning healthcare costs in the face of an ageing population. It is a lifeline Australia’s healthcare sector cannot afford to ignore.

We are starting to see encouraging signs that Australia’s health are sector is embracing technology to facilitate treatment, despite the high level of regulatory complexity. The trial of Electronic Medication Management (EMM) is one example. EMM is an umbrella term for software systems that automate the process of subscribing, dispensing and administering medication across practitioners, pharmacists and hospital systems. It is being implemented in Australia and the United Kingdom to significantly reduce medical errors.

This is an early example of what we believe is the beginning of a digital revolution that will transform Australia’s healthcare system into one that is predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory.


Whether you are a healthcare regulator, practitioner or innovator, download the full report for a detailed examination of the challenges and opportunities digital disruption brings to Australia’s healthcare sector.